About the Project

An interactive digital catalogue, ArtSites New Haven illustrates, locates, and describes outdoor public art throughout the city—from Long Wharf to East Rock, from UNH to the New Haven Green—providing a dynamic experience of New Haven's rich legacy of visual arts.


Accessible by a URL link from any mobile device, tablet or computer, ArtSites features an interactive map of New Haven, pinpointing the location of outdoor art all over the city.

Created to inform and encourage tourists and residents to explore the city's public spaces, ArtSites includes works owned by local universities, art commissioned by the city, Site Projects' extraordinary commissions over the past ten years including Felice Varini's delightful and much-acclaimed mural Square with four circles, as well as monuments and privately owned artworks in public space.

Over time, the ArtSites catalogue will grow to encompass as many of these works as we can identify—and more, as they are added to our city—creating a compelling narrative that refreshes our experience of urban life.


Early wireframes that illustrate mobile functionality. 


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The Walking Tour

The Audio Tour

Site Projects, in partnership with WNHH, New Haven Independent Radio Station will now create a complimentary public art audio tour with New Haven high school students. 

ArtSites offers tourists and residents, students and teachers an essential tool to learn of the remarkable history, outstanding artists, and visionary leaders who have fundamentally shaped the public arena in New Haven.

Participating students will be actively involved in the expansion of this valuable community resource. The audio tour will further facilitate self-guided tours and students will have the opportunity to become the spokespeople for our city and for our culture.

The program began in May 2016 with our inaugural presenter from New Light High School. Beginning in full force in Fall 2016, this six-week audio tour program will occur twice annually.


"Discover and enjoy New Haven’s street art with some help from your smartphone" - Day Trippers Segment on Fox 61

Have you seen Sarah Cody's newest Day Trippers segment on FOX 61? Site Projects Staffers Liz Antle O'Donnell and Selby Nimrod give Sarah a tour of New Haven's public art using www.ArtSitesNewHaven.com! Check it out!

New Haven Living Magazine Cover Story

Cover story | New Haven Living Magazine

Cover story | New Haven Living Magazine

New Haven Living Magazine

New Haven Living Magazine


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About the Creators

Selby Nimrod
Curator & Project Manager

An independent curator based in New Haven, CT, Selby believes in the transformative and democratizing power of public art. She has worked with Site Projects since 2011.

Selby has curated independent exhibitions of contemporary art, most recently Post-Net. Pre-Cyborg? with the Seton Gallery at the University of New Haven. She received her MA with Honors in the History of Art from the University of St Andrews, Scotland in 2009.

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Adam Oren
Code Engineer

If it involves 1's and 0's, Adam is interested. He has worked in the IT field all his life, coded a multi-user blogging platform before Blogger, and enjoys riding the cutting edge of technology. When he's not aiding the growth of the Information Age, he enjoys bike-hikes to Sleeping Giant, photography, and the occasional board game night.

Zack Bowler
Art Director & Designer

Zack is the owner and director of ZACK BLACK, a small creative agency focused on design and project management. Zack has been producing work for Site Projects since 2011. When he's not working on making the world a better place, he's traveling, reading, cooking or watching Mad Men re-runs on Netflix.

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Jason Bischoff-Wurstle
Guest Curator

Jason is a preservationist and historian of New Haven arts and culture. Jason is the Director of Photo Archives at the New Haven Museum and a board member of the New Haven Preservation Trust.

Recent projects have included chairing the team behind the website New Haven Modern, an award winning website surveying Modernist architecture in New Haven. He has coordinated over twenty-five exhibits including "Value Systems" and the award winning "Cycle New Haven."

Jason is a frequent guest on FOXCT's "Hidden History" and on any given night can be heard playing records throughout New Haven and Connecticut.

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Sponsors and Supporters

Site projects would like to thank:

Tamar Petshaft
Patricia Shoemaker
Rena Tobey
Jim Patterson
Kyle MacKinnel
Jason Bischoff-Wurstle
New Haven Museum
Jock Reynolds
Elise Kenney
Yale University Art Gallery
Sarah Fritchey

Claes Oldenburg
Oldenburg Van Bruggen Studio
Robert Greenberg
Boris Sigal
Aicha Woods
Under 91 Project
David Sepulveda
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
Tim Prentice
David Colbert
Ann P. Lehman

Joseph Smolinski
Sandy Hopmans
David Bermant Foundation
Ryan ARCY Christenson
Laura Marsh
University of New Haven
Josef & Anni Albers Foundation
David Panagore
Park New Haven
Michael Mintz
SITE PROJECTS Board of Directors

** This project has been made possible with the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.