Our Board

William 'Hil' Barnett, President
Laura Weir Clarke, Executive Director
Debbie Hesse, Secretary
Maria Cruz Kayne, Treasurer

William 'Hil' Barnett, Gilles Carter, Laura Weir Clarke, Gabriel DaSilva, Maria Cruz Kayne, Lizbeth O'Connor, David Sepulveda, Aaron Sherrill, Patricia Shoemaker, Beka Sturges

Team Members

Laura Weir Clarke, Executive Director and Co-Founder
Regan Stacey, Assistant Executive Director
Liz Antle-O'Donnell, Outreach Manager
Selby Nimrod, Senior Project Manager
Megan Haigh Miller, Senior Administrative Assistant
Hilary Opperman, Researcher

You gave, and we got painted!

In this video the Sites Team makes good on our Great Give 2015 promise–raise $5000 and we get dunked in paint. After exceeding our fundraising goal by over $1,300, we ponied up and got messy. Thanks to everyone who contributed to SITE PROJECTS during the 2015 Great Give. Your gifts ensure the commission of more exciting and outstanding art in New Haven's public spaces.